Our Team of Graphic Artists

graphic artistsWhat makes us different when it comes to business card design? Let’s start with what we don’t do. We don’t ask lawyers if they prefer the scales of justice or the gavel. We don’t use clip art like office supply stores that produce quick, easy and very cheesy business card designs. We custom design everything we do and as a full service advertising agency we care a great deal about helping you to make a great first impression. The old saying that you only get one chance to make a good first impression; is never more true than when we are speaking about that little piece of stiff paper we call our business cards. If your business card looks like you designed it yourself (assuming you are not a designer) then what will people think when you hand it to them? If people are not impressed when you hand them your card what will they think of the work you are offering to do for them?

When we wear a nice new suit and go out to see a client with our shoes shined we do this for a reason. Generally speaking we are trying to make a good first impression because we know that the prospects we see will be speaking to our competitors as well. We need to get their attention and make them believe that we will do the best possible work for them or that our products are superior to our competition.

When I hand my business card to potential new clients (shown below) people are impressed and often comment about the great design. That is what I want to happen and not just because I’m in the business of designing things that look great. This concept applies to everyone in every type of business; you want people to notice your card because it is a reflection of what they can expect from you.

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