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card designWe only get one chance to make a great first impression. First impressions are important and our team of designers will help you to look your best. If your business card isn’t becoming to you then you should be coming to our design firm. Our South Florida graphic design firm is ready to help you with all of your design needs. Our professional graphic artists all have a minimum of a four year degree in graphic design and commercial art, plus years of experience.

Often when starting a new business there are so many things to deal with that a simple thing like the business card can be put off until the last minute. Then someone remembers that business cards will need to be printed so they go to the local print shop. The print shops in South Florida are known for doing great print work, not design work. They will show you their book of clip art and ask you to pick some design or clip art logo that best represents your business. In reality you are designing your business card, not them.

We don’t print cards and print shops shouldn’t design cards

When you have us work on your business card design you’ll have a designer with a four year college degree in commercial art custom design a very unique business card just for you. Is it overkill? Do you really need someone with a Bachelor’s Degree in commercial art just to do a simple business card?

When you first meet a client you will hand them a business card and that potential client will make judgments about you based upon what they see. If the business card isn’t too impressive maybe they will assume that the products or services you provide will also not be too impressive. You get one chance to impress them and we will help you to do it right!


Rick Goldman – President