President’s Message

Rick GoldmanI wanted to make a difference by helping business owners to earn a better living. I know that we only get one chance to make a first impression and when we meet potential clients the first thing we do is to hand them our business card. A business card design may look like a do it yourself project gone bad or it may look like you care about all the details. I wish people weren’t so judgmental and since they are let’s take advantage of that.  Since we know people are judging us and comparing us to our competition we need to present ourselves in the best way possible.  I help my clients take advantage of the fact that people are very judgmental In the first few seconds of meeting a person we decide if we want to do business with them or not. When you hand someone your business card are you proud of the impression it helps you to make?

Sure I realize that you can walk into one of the local office supply stores and ask for business card design. They will show you a book and ask you to pick some clip art that best represents your business. If you are an attorney they will show you the gavel and scales of justice. Here we custom design business cards; we never use clip art. If standing out from the crowd is important to you then you should be coming to us and not the office supply store.

Rick Goldman – President